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Excellence Core Value

At Avenue Dental we believe in holding ourselves to the highest standards

“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

What does our excellence value mean to us at Avenue Dental? Each day we ask ourselves how am I using my strengths to increase the scope, quality and efficiency of my work today? Excellence is made up of four factors listed below.

Scope of Practice
Treatment Efficiency
Know Your Strengths

Growth – Johan Weemaes

At Avenue Dental excellence is made up of three factors – 1. Ability to perform a wide scope of roles and/or procedures 2. Performing work to the highest standards 3. Performing this work in an efficient manner. Johan delivers on all three. He first sought to identify his strengths and believed that he had great potential as a clinical dentist.  He then committed to excellence and dedicated himself to becoming a clinical guru.

Not content with being the 2014 Australian Dental Graduate of the Year, fastest person to complete the Avenue Dental clinical training and all associated resources, and mastering dental skills such as endo, crown and bridge, communication, full mouth rehabs and aesthetic smile makeovers Johan sought to master surgical dental implants. He dedicated himself to theoretical learning, completed an overseas hands on course and started placing implants. However, this was still not enough so Johan enrolled in a Masters of Dental Implants at Goethe University in Germany to learn more advance procedures such as sinus grafting and to further raise the clinical standards at Avenue Dental.

This involved significant expense and time off work but in the pursuit of excellence this is all worth it to Johan. Even though Johan has a new baby on the way he is already thinking about which clinical masters to complete next.

In addition to excellence as a clinical dentist, Johan delivers a consistently high level of performance as a leader. Johan reads numerous leadership, business, personal development and management books to better himself in his managing partner role and holds himself to the highest standards in every interaction with patients and the team.

“The Gold Standard should be renamed the Johan Standard.”
“Everything he does he gives his all to.”
“Johan sets his standards high.”
“He always looks for the next opportunity for knowledge and makes sure he is the best in the field at everything he does.”

avenue dental dentist sunshine coast and north lakes

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