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Growth Core Value

At Avenue Dental we believe we all have limitless potential. We believe the only way to reach this potential is through learning and personal development.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Ghandi

What does our growth value mean to us at Avenue Dental? Each day we ask ourselves how am I growing myself and others personally and professionally today? Growth is made up of four factors listed below.

Growth Mindset
Growing Personally
Growing Professionally
Growing Others

Growth – Amy Kelly

Amy started at Avenue Dental Maroochydore in 2017 as a 17 year old with no dental experience. She was affectionately known as “little Amy” – loved by all and the baby of the practice. During her time with us we have seen Amy grow immensely both personally and professionally. She knew she wanted to grow and went for it.

Amy started as a sterilisation nurse and constantly made sure she was contributing positively to the team in this role. Next, the opportunity arose for Amy to become a hygiene assistant. Amy worked hard to master the skills required including patient care and always thought of improvements both for herself and the practice. Next Amy became a dental assistant and absolutely flourished with the extra skills, knowledge and responsibilities including learning facial aesthetics and orthodontics. Recently, Amy has taken on the clinical coordinator role and is rocking it. Amy is currently also rounding out her skillset by learning reception duties.

Amy’s growth mindset and her personal qualities of persistence, determination, organisation, and hard work have allowed her to overcome all obstacles and grow from her experiences.

“She has great attention to detail, and passion for excellence not only in her own work but for the whole practice and everyone in it.”

“Amy also has a soft side and is approachable for team members so that they can trust that she will always be kind and understanding.”

“She is so amazing at everything she takes on and I’m so excited to see her move into her clinical coordinator roll.”

“Amy has mastered everything she puts her mind to and she is exceptional in all areas of the practice.”

“She is a true leader and I look up to her.”

avenue dental dentist sunshine coast and north lakes

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