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Positive and Fun Core Value

Smile, we believe life is meant to be fun!

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

What does our positive and fun value mean to us at Avenue Dental? Each day we ask ourselves what am I going to do to have an awesome day at work? Positive and fun is made up of four factors listed below.

Positive, Happy and Optimistic
Love to laugh, joke and have fun
Take role seriously but don’t take self too seriously
Choosing mood every day

Positive and Fun – Aliesha Burns (ABB)

ABB brings positive and fun and a smile to people’s faces in her many roles at Caloundra including receptionist, sterilisation nurse, hygiene nurse, hygiene coordinator and WOW coordinator.

“After I had only been working at Avenue Dental Caloundra for less than 2 weeks, I ate ABB’s Guzman and Gomez lunch because I thought it was mine. ABB put up criminal mug shot photos of me throughout the practice including in the cupboards and toilets telling everyone to watch out for their food. This could have gone two ways but instead of leaving to never return I took it as a great big Welcome To The Team!”

“Last week I had a very rough week outside of work that was extremely stressful, and a couple of times at work got upset. ABB came to me and asked me if I was okay. I told her what had happened and she offered me advice and support. When I finished my shift, I went back to my locker to find that she had written me a card, bought me strawberries, caramel yoghurt and choccies to help cheer me up. Later that night I messaged her to say thank you and she said that if I ever need someone to talk to she is always there for me and she has been checking in on me and making sure I am okay ever since.”

“When she arrives she always checks in on everyone.”

“She is always friendly and approachable.”

“She is available after hours for support.”

“She is always helping others and is happy to stay back to help the team.”

“I thought ABB was just a pretty face but boy was I wrong.”

avenue dental dentist sunshine coast and north lakes

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