Teamwork Core Value

At Avenue Dental we believe that together we achieve more

“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.” Henry Ford

What does our teamwork value mean to us at Avenue Dental? Each day we ask ourselves How am I going to help the team today? Teamwork is made up of four factors listed below.

Team Before Self or Role
Create Synergy
Friends With Team
Proactive in Helping Team

Teamwork – Kala Holmes

In 2019 Kala has been selflessly growing not only herself but all of the Avenue Dental practices. Already comfortable in her role as clinical coordinator at Caloundra and committed to a practice manager role at Baringa, Kala put others before herself and put her hand up to help the Maroochydore team in a time of need. However, this selfless act of putting the overall team’s needs ahead of her own has paid huge dividends for Kala with her flourishing at Maroochydore and now leading the whole team as practice manager.

Kala helps the teams in numerous ways. She compiled everyone’s procedures into secure share, has helped lean all the practice systems and processes, and constantly updates procedure and training manuals which allows everyone at Avenue to grow and develop. When Maxillo-Facial Surgeon Dr Will Huynh was starting at Caloundra Kala again put her hand up to help and documented procedures, set up notes, rolled out IV sedation, and handled Will’s start seamlessly (this also meant that Kala has now worked with every dental specialist).

Being very task based, Kala was concerned that she may not be as good at BOB roles. However, Kala cares deeply for every single team member and she has committed to learning and growing as a BOB and this is paying dividends for the whole of Avenue, especially the Maroochydore team.

“Kala always strives for the highest stand of care, not only for patients but for her whole team.”

“She devotes so much time and energy into her work.”

“We were very fortunate to gain her as Maroochydore clinical coordinator at a time when the practice rally needed her direction.”

“Kala is always ready to help anyone throughout any area of the practice.”

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