WOW Core Value

We believe in WOWING patients to create raving fans.

“Do what you do so well they will want to see it again and bring their friends” – Walt Disney

What does our WOW value mean to us at Avenue Dental? Each day we ask ourselves how am I going to build positive relationships today? WOW is made up of four factors listed below.

Surpassing expectations
Create opportunities to WOW
Love doing good for others
Building long term relationships with patients and team

Wow – Tash Den Elzen

Tash Den Elzen has been working at Avenue Dental for 7 years and has worked as a sterilisation nurse, hygiene nurse, dental assistant and orthodontic nurse. Tash is the serial WOWer of Caloundra and never misses an opportunity to WOW patients and her team mates with thoughtful gifts and surprises. You can tell if someone is a true WOWer when they make too many people cry … happy tears of course. Recently, she married the man of her dreams and his vows said it all, he would be lost without her. When someone is so inspiring and influential, people genuinely want to be around them, and Tash is one of those people. We wish you all the best for the birth of your little baby girl. You will make an amazing mum but we will miss you so hurry back J

Recently, Tash and Rach were going to take braces off a teenage girl that did martial arts and were thinking about a good WOW for finishing treatment. They found out that the patient didn’t have her own gloves and had been using the martial arts gym’s sweaty, dirty gloves. Tash bought martial arts gloves and mitts, got the team to sign them and wrote inspirational quotes on them as an inspiration for the patient. After debond when Tash presented the gloves to the girl she was jumping up and down the hallway like Rocky. She was so excited and happy!

“Tash Den Elzen is seriously the WOW QUEEN!”

“Every morning she comes into each surgery and says good morning with a big smile on her face, giving out hugs and checking everyone is okay.”

“Tash is always checking in on others and offering them help.”

“Tash definitely goes above and beyond for patients, work colleagues and her family and friends.”

“She is constantly thinking about each person and their individual likes and life and how she can make a difference.”

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