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Avenue Dental is the best dental practice to work for in Australia. Apply now for a position as a dental assistant or dental receptionist at Avenue Dental.

Avenue Dental is the best dental practice to work for in Australia, winning for 3 years in a row (2017, 2018, 2019) Best Place to Work in Australia (under 100 employees) by the Great Place To Work Institute.

Why Should I Apply?

Avenue Dental on the Sunshine Coast has been recognized as the Best Place To Work in Australia (under 100 employees) by the Great Place To Work Institute. If you are interested in dental nursing and dental reception work and want to make it your career then Avenue Dental might be the place for you.For talented people we offer the chance for career progression from a sterilization nurse with no experience right up to being a practice manager, managing a whole team of people.

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Who Should Apply?

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Winston Churchill.

At Avenue Dental we love to come to work. We love to have a laugh and have fun while at work, but take our responsibility to delivering the best quality dentistry and customer service very seriously. We particularly like people with no or little experience as they are then open to the “Avenue Way”. Experienced people can definitely apply but they must be open to personal growth and feedback and love coming to work every day. The key points are that if you want to work at Avenue Dental you must have a positive and fun attitude, be open to ongoing growth and feedback and love coming to work every day.

How Do I Apply?

To apply for a dental assistant / receptionist position at Avenue Dental, applicants must complete the 3 tasks outlined below:

1. Attach a resume and photo (maximum one page long at size 12 font)
2. Complete and email us the free DISC and VALUES analysis on the webpage HERE (this should take about 10 minutes)
3. Answer the following questions (maximum two pages long at size 12 font)

1. What are you great at or passionate about professionally? Give examples
2. What are you not great at or not interested in professionally? Give examples
3. What are your short term(less than 3 years) goals in dentistry?

4. What are your long term(greater than 5 years) goals in dentistry?
5. Tell us about a time you have taken responsibility for your own performance.
6. Tell us about a time you were proactive in learning something new to improve your performance
7. Tell us about a time you changed a system or procedure to improve outcomes or efficiency
8. Tell us about a time you delivered outstanding customer service.

Email to [email protected]

Story of Natasha Hutchinson

We believe in creating opportunities for individuals to utilize their strengths so that they can feel greater happiness and fulfillment in life.  To demonstrate this we will share the story of Natasha Hutchinson.  Natasha was hired as a receptionist and was an absolute ninja in this role. However, we soon recognized that she had amazing talent in a range of areas outside of her normal reception roles. We noticed that Natasha had over 20000 followers on her personal Instagram and Facebook pages. This told us she was talented in this space and also that she really enjoyed working with social media.

We asked her to take over all of our social media and she has done an amazing job. Initially we purchased some books on advertising to invest in her education. To further support her in this role we organized a Facebook advertising specialist to train her so that she could learn about paid Facebook and Instagram advertising and then implement that in her role.

This wasn’t enough for Natasha though, so we asked her to take over managing our Google Adwords campaign. We have continued to invest in Natasha through weekly coaching to train her in managing a Google Adwords campaign that she now runs and have trained her in compiling the marketing section of our monthly management report.

Throughout this process Natasha had demonstrated a keen interest as well as a natural talent in graphic design so we asked her to take over our graphic design.  As a big thank you and to further invest in Natasha we bought her a Mac Book Pro with full Photoshop suite so that she could take over our graphic design including business cards, posters, banners, pamphlets, internal + external signage, practice interior design and overall branding. Natasha then went to complete an online graphic design course and to further invest in Natasha’s development we enrolled her in a diploma of digital marketing so she can continue to grow in her role.

Upon completion of her marketing diploma, Natasha continued to strive and blossom. She is now the Marketing + Brand Manager for ALL of the Avenue Dental practices across Australia. The sky is 100% not the limit for Natasha!

Testimonial from Natasha Hutchinson

“You wouldn’t think that you could grow to love a workplace like your actual family and home until you experience Avenue Dental. I have never felt so nurtured and cared about in my whole working life until I started here. I’m not new to the dental scene and have now worked over a decade in the dental industry. In every role I’ve had working in other dental practices, once you reached a point there was nowhere further for you to grow, you hit the ceiling.

Here, Steve and Eli encourage you to grow. They provide the water and nourishment for you so that you can grow into the most beautiful tree soaring above the skyline. For them, wherever you want to grow, wherever your passion lies, they want to grow with you. If you have a passion, they will enlist all their strength to help shape you towards it. It is a beautiful thing to have bosses and managers who value you as a person and an employee.

They go out of their way to say ‘thank you’ for working hard and doing extra things for them. However, those things extra I do, is a way of me saying ‘thank you’ to them, for all they have done for me.

We are a family, we laugh together, we cry together, we share milestones, we share our passion for helping people. I am home.”

Voted the Sunshine Coast's No. 1 Dental Practice

Established on the Sunshine Coast for over 26 years, Avenue dental was voted the number one dental practice on the Sunshine Coast by readers of the Sunshine Coast daily

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