Causes of Bad Breath

Do I Have Bad Breath? Part 1 – Causes of Bad Breath

One topic close to everyone’s lips at some stage of their life will be bad breath. Bad breath, halitosis or oral malodour is a socially uncomfortable condition that can be …
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Teeth Whitening Sunshine Coast

I wish my teeth were whiter!

Teeth whitening has been around for thousands of years, starting with the Egyptians using pumice stone and vinegar. The Romans tried human urine believing the ammonia would whiten. Luckily, it’s a little easier to improve the shade of your smile today.
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Replace dentures with dental implants Sunshine Coast

Dental implants help anchor dentures or can do away with dentures completel...

Avenue Dental Caloundra can now place dental implants to help anchor dentures or to do away with dentures completely

New research has shown that having dental implants to help stabilize …
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Children still getting dental decay

Why are children still getting dental decay?

Shocking new research shows that by age six half of all children in Australia will have dental decay.  The most common reason for hospitalization of preschool aged children in Australia …
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How to stop dental decay in children – part 2 prevention of dental decay in...

In “How To Stop Dental Decay in Children – Part 1 Causes and Consequences” we discussed that half of all children aged 6 have dental decay, dental decay is a …
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How to stop dental decay in children – part 1 causes and consequences

Dental decay is a bacterial disease where bacteria in the mouth release acids which “rot” away teeth.  Babies are not born with the bacteria that cause dental decay in their …
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Are amalgam ‘silver’ fillings a health hazard?

When dentists talk about silver fillings, it would be reasonable to think that silver makes up most of the filling. In fact silver fillings are up to 55% Mercury. This …
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Wisdom Teeth Removal Sunshine Coast

Will having my wisdom teeth (third molars) removed lower my iq?

In fact over 70 % of people who develop wisdom teeth have insufficient room for them, resulting in impaction. Those totally covered by bone, may be left and monitored, as …
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Maroochydore Hours

Friday the 22nd - Closed from 3pm
Saturday the 23rd - Closed
Sunday the 24th - Closed
Monday the 25th Closed
Tuesday the 26th Closed
Wednesday the 27th - 7am to 1pm
Thursday the 28th - 7am to 1pm
Friday the 29th - 7am to 1pm
Saturday the 30th - Closed
Sunday the 31st - Closed
Monday the 1st - Closed
Tuesday the 2nd - Opening hours as per normal


Friday the 22nd – 7am to 1pm
From 1pm on the 22nd of December until the 7th of January the practice is CLOSED completely for renovations to the practice.
(Please contact either Avenue Dental Maroochydore or Avenue Dental Kawana during this period for any dental emergencies.)
8th of January – Opening hours as per normal!


Friday the 22nd – Normal Hours
Saturday 23rd – Closed
Sunday 24th – Closed
Monday the 25th Closed
Tuesday the 26th Closed
Wednesday the 27th – Normal Hours
Thursday the 28th – Normal Hours
Friday the 29th – Normal Hours
Saturday 30th – Closed
Monday 1st – Closed
Tuesday 2nd – Opening hours as per normal
CALOUNDRA (07) 5491 1111 1a Ormuz Avenue
MAROOCHYDORE (07) 5443 8111 60 Wises Road
BLI BLI (07) 5406 0577 314/328 David Low Way
KAWANA (07) 5493 4414 114 Nicklin Way