Payment plans

Avenue Dental offers a range of dental payment plan options at its Sunshine Coast dental practices in Caloundra, Maroochydore, Bli Bli and Kawana.

At Avenue Dental on the Sunshine Coast, we understand that dental treatment can be difficult to fit into your budget, which is why we offer a range of different dental payment plan options

Rather than delaying necessary dental treatment we like to give our patients the flexibility to pay off their dental treatment with interest free options. We feel this is the best way to help our patients reach their ideal dental health.

We offer a combination of ZipMoney Health, AfterPay, My Smile Plan, GEM VISA and Denticare payment plans depending on the dental practice you chose to attend.  These payment plans make the cost of dental treatment more manageable by spacing payments out over time.

ZIPMONEY HEALTH (available at Caloundra, Maroochydore, Kawana and Bli Bli)
ZipMoney Health is a simple way to access a virtual credit line and pay for your dental treatment without the actual credit card. ZipMoney has no paperwork, you can apply for it online using your phone/tablet or computer. ZipMoney Health can have an interest free period of 6 and 12 months depending on the amount you are wanting to borrow. The online application process takes less than 3 minutes with easy monitoring of your repayments and account!

AFTERPAY (available at Caloundra, Maroochydore, Kawana and Bli Bli)
Pay for your purchase over four equal instalments, due every two weeks. Afterpay makes it simple to pay when it suits you best. There is no interest charged at all, however if you miss a payment, you will be charged a late fee!
New users to AfterPay will get $500 to use, however existing AfterPay customers may be entitled to a higher amount of $1000.00 to use.

HUMM (available at Caloundra, Maroochydore and Bli Bli)
Buy little things, buy BIG things – from $1 to $30,000.
HUMM offers interest free payment plans ranging from 6-24 months (depending on your dental needs) with a 20% deposit needed. There is a small establishment fee from $35-$90 (depending on amount needed to borrow). The application process is quick and easy, with an answer within minutes!

DENTICARE (available at Kawana)
Denticare offers interest free payment plans 
ranging from 3 to 9 months depending on your dental needs and  requires a small upfront deposit to secure an agreed term.  Our team can discuss a payment structure to suit your budget which will enable you to have the dental treatment you want without having to wait.

MY SMILE PLAN (available at Caloundra, Maroochydore and Bli Bli)
My Smile Plan offers 6/9/15 months interest free depending of the amount financed.
My Smile Plan can be financed for amounts from $100.00 to $9000.00. The payments are set at fortnightly direct debits. There is a deposit and an administration fee that needs to be taken before the first dental treatment appointment so that the application can be processed.

GEM VISA (available at Caloundra)
Offers interest free terms of 6, 12 and 24 months (depending on the dental treatment required). Gem Visa’s 0% Interest Payment Plans allow you to complete the dental treatment you require now, using flexible payment options catered to suit your budget.

If dental problems are left, they will progress and can result in more extensive and more expensive dentistry. Sometimes, if dental problems are left too long they can result in toothache and pain or having to extract teeth, which is also painful. For example, a small area of dental decay can be treated with a small white filling. If left untreated this dental decay can progress over time to infect and kill the nerve inside the tooth. This causes a toothache or dental abscess, which is often very painful. Once a tooth is in this situation it is much more expensive to save the tooth and get you out of pain. Alternatively, the only other option in this situation is to extract the tooth, which is also painful and causes long term consequences for the rest of your teeth. We want to avoid these situations for our patients.

Our dental reception team can give you more information about each dental payment plan option and help you work out which one will suit you best and assist you with the application process.

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