Children’s Active maintenance | Avenue Dental Sunshine Coast

Did you know that plaque is the cause of most dental diseases? Did you know that dental disease can be completely preventable?  And did you know that active maintenance appointments can help prevent these issues and save you lots of money?

At Avenue Dental we like use the term active maintenance, rather than the traditional term “check up”.  This is to stress that active maintenance is what is required for your child to keep healthy, happy teeth for life.

Most dental diseases are completely painless and not noticeable until it is too late.  The most you might notice is some staining of the teeth, bad breath or a slight amount of occasional bleeding. In due course as decay forms you might experience pain or toothache and if left untreated this can lead to painful and sometimes, irreversible dental problems such as infection and tooth loss. Seeing us regularly can help us detect problems early.

At your child’s initial visit with us, they will receive a comprehensive examination with a dentist, including an orthodontic assessment. In addition, x-rays may be required to assess between the teeth and how the teeth are developing, allowing us to look at the full picture. Our oral health therapists will provide a thorough scale and clean including tips and tricks to encourage your child to keep their mouth healthy for life. Diet analysis and fluoride treatment may also be included if necessary to provide a high standard of care for your child. This visit aims to detect any early decay or issues that could impact your child’s oral health, making their visits enjoyable and preventing unnecessary dental work in the future.  We also like to pride ourselves on providing the best ever dental experience, creating a trusting environment for your child adding them to our dental family.

Once this visit has concluded a recommended active maintenance time will be recommended, usually either 6 monthly or 12 monthly visits.  These visits are advised to meet the timeframe that suits each individual child. At the active maintenance appointment, our oral health therapist will review your child’s teeth, oral homecare and development. This includes a thorough scale and clean to maintain healthy gums and teeth. At Avenue Dental we have a preventive approach, as we believe prevention is far better than a cure. This means that once yearly examinations with the dentist allows us to make sure your child’s mouth is on track and early problems are dealt with quickly.

For more information about our active maintenance program or if you would like to make an appointment please contact any of our Avenue Dental locations in Caloundra, Kawana and Maroochydore.