Gum Infections

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How gums get infected

Gum infections, even advanced and destructive ones, do not always cause pain. However sometimes, a small area develops an abscess and becomes very sore, infected and swollen.

Most abscesses come from an infected tooth. Others can arise when a healthy tooth takes a big knock. Dental abscesses are a pus-filled area that might be invisible or can look like a swelling or boil on the gum. Some gum infections are not related to an infected tooth and might be a gum disease problem. Gum disease can be completely painless or present as a throbbing tooth pain or an angry red area of gum that’s very tender to touch.

The gums around dental implants may also become infected for a number of reasons. It’s important to see a dentist immediately if you suspect you have an infection around your implant.

Other gum infections are located around tooth roots and aren’t from an infected tooth, but from specific bacteria that travel down between the tooth root and gum. These bacterial colonies can be very destructive to the gums, teeth and bone without treatment. They destroy the ligaments that hold the tooth in the bone.

The latest research also links these bacteria to many systemic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. They have also been linked to low birth weight and preterm birth. They need to be treated quickly.

What if you don’t get treatment for a gum infection?

A true gum abscess can cause serious and irreversible gum and bone damage to the area supporting a tooth. Any gum infection can eat away the gum, bone or the roots of teeth.

A gum infection lead to fever and general body illness, lethargy and loss of appetite. Lymph nodes in the face or neck may become enlarged. These adverse conditions require urgent treatment. In rare cases a gum infection can spread under the skin and muscles through various fascia in the head and neck causing a large swelling, which can very quickly become life-threatening. The airways may become closed or the infection reach parts of the brain or heart. Spreading infections (large facial swelling) need immediate medical attention.

Certain antibiotics can help reduce the infection and pain when present, but antibiotics won’t remove the source of the infection. After a while the problem will return because abscesses and gum infections can’t heal themselves, so you do need to see your dentist if you suspect you have a gum infection to remove the bacterial deposits that are the cause of the infections.

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