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Do you have a dental emergency? Avenue Dental offers a same day emergency guarantee at our Caloundra, Kawana, Maroochydore, Bli Bli, North Lakes and Baringa dental practices if you call before 10am.

At Avenue Dental we love teeth, and most of the time we focus on them. But a number of different problems in the mouth that we see originate from structures other than your teeth. Here are just a few of the more common ones that we see.

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Jaw Pain

Jaw pain, or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is surprisingly common. It results when the muscles and jaw joint become inflamed. We often see it because it may mimic toothache. The muscles and joints become sore through excessive pressure from clenching, grinding or other movements. Pain may radiate into the lower jaw, the temples, the teeth and even cause headaches and neck pain.

At Avenue Dental we have specific training in diagnosing and treating TMD. First, we start by asking you some questions about the history of your pain. Then we assess the muscles and joint by feeling the level of tension in them. Finally, we check your teeth and assess how they are biting together and whether they are contributing to the problem. Once we have gathered all relevant information, we design a plan with you to get you out of pain.

It’s important to know that if jaw pain isn’t fixed it can develop into a more chronic pain issue and your joint can be more severely damaged. So, if you think you might be suffering from TMD please see your local dentist for a diagnosis and advice on what your options are.

Post-extraction bleeding or extreme pain

If you’ve recently had a tooth extracted it should heal up by itself. Rarely, the socket (hole) will start bleeding by itself. Not just a trickle of blood or an ooze, but you mouth fills with blood within 5 seconds. Try the measures explained to you by the dentist at the time of your extraction appointment. If you can’t stop the bleeding yourself, you require urgent medical attention. Dentists have a few ways in which they can treat bleeding.

After having a tooth taken out, you’ll most likely experience some pain for a few days. It’s the sort of pain you can control with over-the-counter pain medicines. If at around 3 days after the extraction you’re in excruciating pain the problem is likely to be a dry socket. This is where the blood clot is lost and the bone is exposed. It’s extremely painful. Some people are more prone to getting this condition. You need to go back to your dentist who will identify the problem, and if it’s a dry socket will medicate it with a soothing dressing.

Candida infection

The mouth is home to many organisms, which live in harmony. When they get out of balance you can get a fungal infection (oral thrush) in the mouth. It presents at the places where a denture sits on the palate or gums, after a round of antibiotics, if you’re run down, an asthmatic and use an inhaler regularly, a diabetic, or are taking some medicines. It can look like a white coating or be flaming red, bleeding and painful.

Sometimes what looks like a candida infection is actually a viral infection. It’s best to see the dentist who can discuss treatment options.

Saliva Gland Blockage or Infection

There’s a number of saliva glands around the mouth and under the jaw. They are important in keeping your mouth lubricated, help decrease tooth decay, help with chewing food, swallowing and tasting. They can get stones or blockages or even infections and can get very swollen and quite painful. Saliva gland issues may also indicate an underlying medical condition. You’ll want to have problem saliva glands diagnosed and treated quickly because there is a number of negative results if they get damaged or lost.

Facial or Mouth Injuries

If you badly injure your lips, cheek or gums and it’s bleeding a lot, apply pressure to the wound for 10 minutes to stop the bleeding. Don’t lie down as the blood will rush to your head. If the bleeding does not stop, you need medical attention. If teeth are involved, you need to see a dentist to assess any dental damage. Deep injuries may need to have stitches or other measures. Depending on the location and severity a dentist or hospital emergency department can treat the injury.

Every day we have specifically set-aside emergency appointments with our dentists across each of our Sunshine Coast and North Lakes dental practices.

If you’re suffering from a dental emergency please call Avenue Dental in Caloundra, Kawana, Maroochydore, Bli Bli, North Lakes and Baringa to take advantage of our same day emergency guarantee. We also offer extended opening hours to help accommodate you. Monday to Thursday we’re open late until 7pm and every Saturday we’re open from 9am until 2pm

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