Other Dental Emergencies

At Avenue Dental we love teeth, and most of the time we focus on them. But there are a number of different problems in the mouth that we see that originate from structures other than your teeth. Here are just a few of the more common ones that we see.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain, Or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is surprisingly common. It results when the muscles and Jaw joint become inflamed, and we see it a lot because it can also mimic toothache from time to time. The muscles and joints become sore through excessive pressure from clenching, grinding or other movements. Pain can radiate into the lower jaw, the temples, the teeth and even cause headaches and neck pain.

At Avenue Dental we have specific training in diagnosing and treating TMD. First we start by asking you some questions about the history of your pain. Then we assess the muscles and joint by feeling the level of tension in them. Next we check your teeth and assess how they are biting together and whether they are contributing to the problem.

Once we have gathered all relevant information we design a plan with you to get you out of pain. Its important to know that the jaw pain isn’t fixed it can develop into a more chronic pain issue and your joint can be more severely damaged. So if you think you might be suffering from TMD please call or see your local dentist for a diagnosis and advice on what your option are.

Acute Gum infections

Most gum infections, even the really advanced and destructive cases, do not cause any pain. Occasionally however, a specific area develops an abscess and becomes really sore, infected and swollen.

Most abscesses on the gum actually come from the tooth, particularly if they look more like a pimple. A true gum abscess can form around a healthy tooth, but can some serious and irreversible damage to the gum and bone that supports the teeth.

If you see and lumps and bumps on the gum that are sore and infected please call us, or your local dentist to have it assessed as soon as you can/


Mouth ulcers can occur in any area of the mouth, but usually form on the inner part of the lips and cheek or the side of the tongue. Most mouth ulcers are caused by an initial trauma in these sites but them persist for 2 weeks after, although some ulcers can seem to appear for no reason. Most of these ulcers will resolve without treatment, but all ulcers should be checked. This is because a tiny proportion of mouth ulcers may infact be something more sinister like a nastry viral infection or even cancer.

Please have any ulcer that has persisted for more than 2 weeks checked immediately by a doctor or dentist just to be safe.