Children’s Orthodontics

The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends that children around the age of seven should have an orthodontic assessment.

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Orthodontic problems that we see in our patients at this age include skeletal abnormalities (under-developed upper and lower jaws), mouth breathing (possible airway issues), thumb sucking, narrow jaw, crowding (crooked) teeth, overbite, underbite, and crossbite.

These conditions can worsen with age and may not be able to be fully corrected in teenage years.

Common orthodontic appliances used for various conditions at this age include expanders (fixed and removable), myofunctional appliances, and fixed braces.

Often the goal of orthodontic treatment at this age is to ensure that the child’s face, jaws and teeth are best prepared for their growth and growth of all the adult teeth. Non-extraction orthodontic planning starts at this age. Looking at the teeth and mouth holistically with the rest of the body (mainly the tongue’s relationship with the teeth and the airway) ensures that proper dentoskeletal facial growth can occur in teenage years.

At Avenue Dental, we assess each individual child’s orthodontic needs and tailor the treatment plans to best prepare the mouth for the teenage years.

Payment plan options are available.

You and your family are very special to us, so we will listen to what your treatment goals are, so we can deliver accordingly.

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