Clear Aligner Orthodontics

Clear aligner (Invisalign) orthodontics uses sequential clear plastic orthodontic aligners to gently move and straighten your teeth to give you a beautiful smile.

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Sequential clear aligners are a series of removable clear plastic appliances that are clicked onto and cover the teeth. Each aligner moves teeth a certain amount and hence a series of them are required to achieve alignment. Elastic bands between the top and bottom jaws are sometimes used to improve the bite. Retainers are needed at the end of treatment to prevent teeth from moving back.

Clear aligners were pioneered by Invisalign. They are now more affordable than ever due to advances in 3D printing and computer technology reducing manufacturing costs.

Many cases combine straightening teeth with orthodontics and then cosmetically improving the look and health of the teeth with whitening and/or restorative treatment (eg veneers).

Not sure of what the new smile will look like? At Avenue Dental, we have been using digital smile previews for our patients so that they can see what their smile and straight teeth can look like before they even begin treatment.

At Avenue Dental, we assess each individual person’s orthodontic needs and tailor the treatment plans to achieve the best results.

Adults of all ages can be treated orthodontically. Dr Hess at Avenue Dental Kawana recently completed a clear aligner case for a 66-year-old lady with amazing results!

Payment plan options are available.

You and your family are very special to us, so we will listen to what your treatment goals are, so we can deliver accordingly. 

For Clear Aligner Orthodontic services please contact any of our friendly Sunshine Coast dental practices in Caloundra, Kawana, Maroochydore and Bli Bli, book on-line now, or feel free to call or email our wonderful reception teams.

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