Dr Khushy Athwal


Khushy’s first memory of wanting to be a dentist was when she was 10 years old. She would come back from school, go straight into her room and make orthodontic retainers from roll-up candy and unwound paper clips. In hindsight, she admits the roll ups may not have been dentally healthy but the passion was most certainly there.

After finishing high-school in Sydney in the top 3% of the state and with a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, she decided to take on the scientific world. She completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in physiology. Her love for anatomy and physiology took her into the field of research where she completed a Master’s thesis on finding a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. After her project was complete, decided to take on a career where she could talk to people on a more personal level.

Khushy started a Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Sydney in 2015. Throughout her 4 years of study she remained loyal to her interest in research, completing a study on jaw pain in humans. She also took on an electives unit where she chose to volunteer as a dental aid in Nepal. The children were her inspiration and she hopes to continue working closely with children in her dental future. Khushy’s goal is to contribute her skills and efforts for underprivileged communities in Australia. She therefore, chose to practice in Armidale, regional NSW, during her studies where she was able to treat a diverse range of people.

During Dentistry Khushy shadowed a Professor in Dentistry where she gained valuable skills and knowledge on managing patients with facial pain. The greatest lesson learnt was to never underestimate the significance of patient psychology in treating dental pain. From this Khushy has learnt to employ a wholistic approach to dentistry whereby she treats the patient as a person rather than a number. For her, dentistry is about patient wellness rather than just dental health.

Khushy’s interests in Dentistry include; root canals, extractions and working with children. Khushy worked alongside specialists in root canals at the Sydney Dental Hospital and Oral Surgeons at Westmead Centre for Oral Health, where she gained and practiced valuable skills and techniques in these fields. Furthermore, she spent time in the Westmead hospital Emergency Department observing and managing patients with tooth related facial swellings which she found incredibly rewarding and educational. Khushy has always had a great way with children. She is patient, kind and most of all fun! She has a genuine and nurturing attitude which has allowed her to have positive and constructive experiences treating children in dentistry.

Outside of Dentistry, Khushy loves the beach, hiking, soccer, hockey and coffee! Learning to surf may be next on that list seeing as the beaches in Sunshine Coast are stunning! Recently Khushy completed a 5 day trek in mountainous Nepal and she hopes to conquer the Inca trail in South America next!