Dr Mark Spencer


Dr. Mark Spencer believes that prevention of dental disease is the key. In a world where 95% of dental disease is preventable, it seems crazy to focus on treatment without dealing with the underlying source of the problem. Through home and in office cleaning, changes to diet and oral health product information, new dental issues can be prevented, and existing dental issues controlled.

In tandem with this idea, Dr. Mark Spencer aims to provide high quality and long lasting dental restorations. The most common cause of failure for dental work is from the formation of new decay around fillings, crowns or bridges. It is common to see rough edges around existing dental work, which allow bacteria to hide undisturbed by a toothbrush or floss, and slowly eat into and cause decay around the work. For this reason, Mark has a strong focus on making every join smooth, allowing work to last a very long time in a mouth which is regularly cleaned.

Mark also believes that dental treatment should not be pushed onto patients – by providing options, and the benefits and risks associated with each, he allows patients to make an informed decision on their own accord, free of any sort of pressure.

If you are looking for an easy going dentist who has a focus on high quality work, and respecting and supporting each individual’s choices and views, Mark is the dentist for you!