Leslie Pascoe


Leslie was born in the United States, where she studied oral health care, receiving an Associate of Science degree in Dental Hygiene in 1995. She worked with a successful practice in Connecticut for several years before taking a holiday to Australia, where an opportune meeting with her now husband, found her relocating to the other side of the world.

Leslie moved to Australia in 1999, completing the Australian Dental Hygiene Licensing exams. She then moved on to practise in country Victoria for three years. Wanting to experience more of Australia, and desiring the lifestyle that Queensland offers, Leslie accepted a dental position in Yeppoon, where she worked for several years until such time that once again work, this time her husbands, brought them to the Sunshine Coast, where she has lived and worked for nearly 10 years.

In her free time Leslie enjoys swimming, kayaking and has recently started bike riding again. She also appreciates time spent with husband, grand-daughter and their many pets.

One of the motivating factors in Leslie’s success and longevity is her desire to work with patients in the development of long term plans and educational management structures, building towards strong long term dental healthcare. Leslie takes patient care and education very seriously, Leslie strives to develop a clear understanding of every patients oral health care needs and aims to provide individual excellence to each person.