Our Purpose

“Positively Transforming Dentistry”

At Avenue Dental we believe that when we all work together as a team towards a purpose greater than ourselves it creates greater meaning and fulfillment in our lives

What does Positively Transforming Dentistry mean to us?

Each day we ask ourselves what am I going to do today to positively transform dentistry?

To us Positively Transforming Dentistry is made up of four components.

Positively transforming our team members

Positively transforming workplace cultures

Positively transforming patient lives and dental experiences

Positively transforming the standard of dentistry in Australia

At Avenue Dental we realize that a dental practice is unlikely to be the first place people think of when they think about great places to work.  “I hate the dentist” is one of the most common greetings a dentist hears.  Despite this stigma or rather because of this at Avenue Dental we have made it our purpose to “Positively Transform Dentistry.”

This plays out on a daily basis during each interaction with patients, with team members and with the greater community.  We believe that patients in our care receive the best quality dentistry available, while delivering them their best ever dental visit every time they come to see us.

The key to giving this level of care is having outstanding team members who are engaged and love what they do.  That is why winning the Great Place To Work Award as the best place to work in Australia under 100 employees in 2017, 2018 and again in 2019 was so rewarding for the whole team and is the greatest achievement for the team so far.  Internally it created a sense of validation for our team focus on purpose, culture and values and externally it has lent credibility to aid in our recruitment processes.

Another initiative that has helped significantly in positively transforming dentistry is our Australian Dental Graduate of the Year Award, which we started in 2014.  The award is offered nationally at all Australian dental schools and aims to highlight the most talented new dental graduates by awarding a cash prize. We also offer these graduates mentoring through the Australian Dental Mini Residency so that they can strive to the same standard of excellence that we offer and spread this standard throughout Australia.

Finally, we felt a great sense of pride in being Australia’s most awarded dental practice. We believe this shows we are working towards our purpose of Positively Transforming Dentistry.

Our Core Values are our guiding principles for how we strive to live our purpose. We call our Core Values “GET POW”

Voted the Sunshine Coast's No. 1 Dental Practice

Established on the Sunshine Coast for over 26 years, Avenue dental was voted the number one dental practice on the Sunshine Coast by readers of the Sunshine Coast daily

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