Our Core Values

Our Core Values are our guiding principles for how we strive to live our purpose.

We call our Core Values “The Avenue Way” and the easy way to remember them is GETPOW! GETPOW stands for Growth, Excellence, Teamwork, Passion, pOsitive and fun, and WOW!

Our core values are part of our daily life

At Avenue Dental our values are part of our daily life. They are ingrained in all we do and are not an optional extra or a nice-to-have. Our values are how we live and behave. Each team member has an Individual Coaching Plan (ICP) which is grouped around each of the core values. At Avenue Dental we all strive to live these values every day. It unites us as we work towards the common purpose of “positively transforming dentistry.”

Our core values are brought to life on a daily basis. We have a “daily values” chart that highlights one core value every day at our morning huddle and gives a practical example of how we can apply that core value to our day. We refer to our core values when hiring new staff members, when giving feedback to existing team members, and during our weekly meeting when rewarding great performance through our BOOM! Cards. There are visual representations of our purpose and values in our meeting room and we have quarterly internal staff surveys to rate the business on how well we are living our core values.

We have created shared stories and nominated a team member as a legend of each of our core values and documented them down in our culture handbook. For the culture handbook we also clarified four pillars of each core value and have added an active question to further focus the team on that value. In addition, in the employee handbook we have clarified with the team the below the line behaviours of each value. We have a culture book which is a fun look at the last 12 months and each team member gets to answer the question, “what do you like about the culture of Avenue Dental?”. Finally, we have an inspiring culture video that captures the culture of Avenue Dental.

Voted the Sunshine Coast's No. 1 Dental Practice

Established on the Sunshine Coast for over 26 years, Avenue dental was voted the number one dental practice on the Sunshine Coast by readers of the Sunshine Coast daily

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