General Dentistry

General dentistry involves treating a variety of dental problems that people face.  General dentistry can involve dental procedures such as making dentures, constructing mouthguards, removing wisdom teeth, performing root canal treatments, constructing snoring appliances, helping address teeth grinding and taking x-rays to properly evaluate dental conditions.

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Keep your teeth for life

In the past, people thought it was inevitable that they would end up losing all of their teeth and having to have full upper and lower dentures. This was mainly due to a lack of knowledge about the two major causes of dental disease: gum disease; and tooth decay. With further knowledge and research we have found that both these conditions are bacterial diseases. To control both conditions requires regular brushing and flossing twice a day. Controlling gum disease requires the removal of the bacterial deposits that build up on teeth (calculus) through professional cleaning of your teeth.  Preventing tooth decay also requires limiting sugar and acids in your diet.  This increased knowledge has meant that people can keep their teeth for their whole life and many people can avoid ever needing dentures.

General dentistry advances Dentures

For those people with dentures, recent advances have led to improvements in the appearance of denture teeth.  Also, with the advancements made with dental implants, people with dentures can enjoy more improved function than ever before.


Mouthguards are an important protection for teeth for people playing contact sports.  Many sporting clubs have made wearing a mouthguard a mandatory part of playing the sport.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a common problem for people in their late teens and early twenties.  Most of the time there is not adequate room for the wisdom teeth to fit into the jaws so they become impacted (unable to erupt fully).  This often leads to problems and requires the surgical removal of the offending wisdom teeth.

Root Canal Treatment

With recent advancements in technologies and materials, root canal treatments can be performed more quickly and painlessly than ever before.  When people have a toothache, the only options to get out of pain are a dental extraction or a root canal treatment.  With these advancements, the root canal treatment is almost always the best option and has usually has significantly less pain than a dental extraction.   

Snoring Appliances

With increased knowledge linking snoring with obstructive sleep apnoea, snoring appliances (or mandibular advancement splints) are becoming a more common dental treatment.

Teeth Grinding

In today’s day and age, many people face increased stress in their lives.  This may be due to work, family, children or other causes but for many people this stress is a day to day reality.  Often when people are stressed they grind their teeth resulting in tooth wear, muscle pain and jaw joint problems.  This is an increasingly common issue that dentists need to address.

Digital X-rays

Finally, to properly diagnose your dental conditions the use of dental x-rays is essential.  The use of digital x-rays has greatly reduced the amount of radiation from dental x-rays in recent years.

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