Fair Health Care Alliance

At Avenue Dental on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane we are proud partners with the Fair Health Care Alliance which is an organisation founded to try to help you get the maximum rebates from your health fund at whichever dentist you choose to see.

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Proud partners of the Fair Health Care Alliance

You deserve a health fund that pays more.

Health insurance premiums keep jumping up in price every year, but you may have noticed that what you’re getting back with your extra’s and benefits stay the same. When you’re paying for a service like private health insurance, you expect the benefits to be fair for what you’re paying. At Avenue Dental, we see patients everyday who are upset with their rebates from their private health insurance.

Many Australian health funds promote a ‘preferred provider’ platform for services such as dental, physiotherapy and chiropractic. This means that the health funds will give members higher rebates for these services if you have the treatment done at THEIR ‘preferred provider’ practices. This is highly unfair to you and to your chosen health providers.

Avenue Dental has partnered with Fair Health Care Alliance as an assisted tool for our patients to utilise. Fair Health Care Alliance will assist you in switching to a private health insurance that pays fair returns at any registered health provider in Australia. They will match a health fund that is going to best suit your hospital cover needs and pays back more for your extras that you and your family use most.

Many of our patients have been pleasantly surprised at not only how much they are getting back in rebates when switching health funds, but also how much less they are paying in premiums!

The team at Fair Health Care Alliance will spend roughly 10-20 minutes on the phone discussing you and your families health care needs, you don’t have to navigate a hard to follow website or stay on hold for hours.

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