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Avenue Dental is the best dental practice to work for in Australia.   

In 2017, Avenue Dental has been awarded #1 Best Places to work in Australian by the Great Place To Work Institute (under 100 employees).  We are the only dental practice in Australia to be shortlisted, making us the best dental practice to work for in Australia.


Testimonial Alicia Veizer 

“Having holidayed extensively in Australia with every intention of moving back to Canada, the opportunity of an impressive work environment has contributed to make Caloundra my home. After nearly a decade of working at Avenue Dental and having my work family participate in nearly all aspects of my life, from raising my boys by providing child minding at the practice, to celebratory bottles of champagne at momentous times.  It has truly been a supportive and fun atmosphere.  It is inspiring to contribute to the growth of so many special people and be part of what will one day be a community icon for care and dentistry.”

Testimonial Natarsha Ferrington 

“Workplace Culture, what makes this place distinctively ours? The backbone is our team: the laughter that permeates the rooms; the friendships that arise from people working closely together for a common goal; that zipping increase in energy palpable in the practice when a bulk coffee order comes in from our favorite coffee shop. It is the yearly rituals – Easter egg Thursdays, Christmas lunch, Christmas in July and sharing of personal celebrations such as weddings and baby showers. It is not just a workplace but a sharing of milestones, life challenges and of taking interest in the wellbeing of others. It is watching the interplay of creators and the people that put their ideas into action, a mixture of different strengths and personalities that constantly seek to provide an edge to the service we provide. The basis of our culture is relationships, with other staff and our patients. I appreciate and love the continuity, stability, and reliability of where I work and the men and women who make this place great.”

Why Should I Apply? 

At Avenue Dental we love new or recent graduates who are open to learning and ongoing personal and professional growth.  This certainly does not mean that experienced people should not apply, but it is the mindset of ongoing learning and growth that is most important.  For a person with this mindset, working as a hygienists or oral health therapist at Avenue Dental will result in a fulfilling and rewarding career.  It will provide you with the ability to become the best hygienist / oral health therapist you can be.  Hygienists and oral health therapists at Avenue Dental are exposed to the best mentoring and development available through our individual coaching plans and monthly coaching conversations.  Plus there is the added advantage of working at the best dental practice to work for in Australia.         


Who Should Apply? 

Firstly, if you want a job where it is “cruisy” or easy where you can just clock in and clock out do not apply.  If you are a new or recent graduate who is open to personal and professional growth and has a commitment to ongoing learning and development then you might be a candidate to work at Avenue Dental.  Experienced hygienists and oral health therapists can also apply but you must be open to personal and professional growth and ongoing learning and development.  At Avenue Dental we expect the best from you but in return you will receive ongoing support and mentorship, you will realize your full potential and you will get to experience our award winning culture on a daily basis.   


How Do I Apply?  

To apply for a hygienist or oral health therapist position at Avenue Dental, applicants must complete the 3 tasks outlined below: 

  1. Attach a resume and photo (maximum one page long at size 12 font)
  2. Complete and email us the free DISC and VALUES analysis on the webpage (this should take about 10 minutes) 
  3. Answer the following questions (maximum two pages long at size 12 font)
  1. What are you great at or passionate about professionally? Give examples
  2. What are you not great at or not interested in professionally? Give examples
  3. What are yourshort term(less than 3 years) goals in dentistry?  
  4. What are yourlong term(greater than 5 years) goals in dentistry? 
  5. Tell us about a time you have taken responsibility for your own performance.
  6. Tell us about a time you were proactive in learning something new to improve your performance
  7. Tell us about a time you changed a system or procedure to improve outcomes or efficiency
  8. Tell us about a time you delivered outstanding customer service.

    Email too :

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