Happiest Smiles | Avenue Dental Sunshine Coast

At Avenue Dental we are passionate about healthy teeth for life.

We have created Teeth for Life do the 5 which is a fun and interactive school program delivered by our Oral Health Therapists to school-aged children.

Teeth for Life do the 5 aims to teach children positive dental habits early in life.

The five fundamental messages of Teeth for Life do the 5 are

  • Brush twice daily
  • Floss everyday
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet, limit sugar intake
  • Wear a mouth guard in contact sports
  • Visit your Dentist and Hygienist regularly

The program allows children to engage with dental professionals outside the dental practice in their school environment. Parents, carers and teachers are all welcomed to join in. Each session is tailored appropriately to the age group.

Additionally, all children receive a certificate for taking part in Teeth for Life do the 5 and an oral health care package.

Please let us know if your school or childcare centre would be interested in having a visit from us and we would be able to send you an outline of a suitable oral health education plan for the children.