Extractions For Children | Avenue Dental Sunshine Coast

Not all teeth last the full term in a child’s mouth due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes extraction is the best option for your child to allow health to return to the mouth.

Extractions can be indicated in cases due to either trauma from a knock or bump, non treatable infection the tooth isn’t falling out naturally for some reason, or to encourage proper orthodontic development and positioning of the adult teeth.

Prior to extracting a baby tooth, an x-ray may be required to assess the positioning of the tooth, the position and presence of the permanent tooth below and the surrounding bone. Once it is determined that extraction is the best treatment option, topical anaesthetic will be applied. This cream allows the tissues to be relatively numb for the following injection. During this part of the procedure, the clinician will provide explanation and reassurance to your child. An injection is then placed to make the extraction pain free and comfortable for the child. The tooth is then loosened with movements and pressure, once loose the tooth can be removed.  Immediately after extraction a piece of gauze is placed to stop the bleeding.  The extracted baby tooth is then washed and placed in a special box for the tooth fairy to pick up. Rumour has it that extracted teeth at the dentist get a higher rate from the tooth fairy!

Lastly, the clinician checks the socket to ensure a clot has formed and no pieces of tooth are left behind. Caring for the socket is then important to prevent infection. Following the appointment your child will be numb for a few hours. It is important to ensure they do not bite or chew their lip, tongue or cheek as it will be sore when the anaesthetic wears off. Limited activity is also advised to prevent dislodging the clot, for example no running around in the back yard. Finally, eating soft cool foods on the non-affected side is best as sharp foods like chips could dig into the socket and hot foods could burn the mouth while the anaesthetic is still active.

Although extraction may be the best option, there are still risks and complications associated with this that need to be addressed as per the child and their needs. Pain may be mild and temporary once numbness wears off. This can usually be managed with over the counter medicine such as Panadol or Nurofen, following packet instructions. Bleeding can also occur if the clot is disturbed. Loss of space due to premature loss of baby tooth can also occur in some children. If this was an issue it would be discussed prior to extraction and followed up with a device to hold the space.

At Avenue Dental Caloundra, Kawana and Maroochydore we have caring dentists and oral health therapists experienced in tooth extractions on baby teeth.