Happy Gas

At Avenue Dental on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane we offer Happy Gas/Nitrous through our Bli Bli, Caloundra and Sippy Downs practice.

Nitrous Oxide, otherwise known as ‘laughing’ or ‘happy’ gas is a mild sedative delivered through a nose piece and does not go over the mouth. The two gases (nitrous oxide and oxygen) are clear and odourless.

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What are the benefits of happy gas?
Nitrous oxide/happy gas works rapidly to reduce anxiety and provide mild pain relief. The recovery time is also rapid, meaning that it is easily reversed (there is a brief period of observation after sedation)
 No injection is required as with IV sedation
It is very safe, with continual monitoring and our equipment has advanced safety features
 Nitrous oxide can avoid the need for general anaesthetic which can be quite costly

Who would benefit from Nitrous Oxide sedation?
Nitrous Oxide/Happy Gas is particularly suitable for anxious but compliant paediatric patients and/or adult patients who are to undergo uncomfortable procedures such as oral surgery or advanced periodontal treatment. Happy gas can be suitable for medically compromised patients or if there is a history of allergy to another sedative.

Who shouldn’t have Nitrous Oxide/Happy Gas sedation?
It is important to discuss with your dentist to discern if happy gas is an appropriate treatment option for you. This is because nitrous oxide should be avoided in a small number of cases. An example of this is where a patient is unable to breathe through their nose because of anatomy or disease state (i.e. patients with an upper respiratory tract infection or severe pulmonary conditions).
Patients who are claustrophobic or cannot tolerate a nasal mask are not suitable for nitrous oxide i.e. a patient must be compliant enough to breathe the gas in through the nose piece.

What can a patient expect or feel when having nitrous oxide sedation?
The patient remains fully conscious and is aware of what is happening around them throughout the procedure.  Patients may or may not have memory of the procedure afterwards
During early to ideal sedation a patient could expect the following:

          Feeling of warmth

          Light headedness/dizziness

          Tingling or numbness in fingers, arms and legs

People may expect to laugh with happy gas, however it is actually a lot more likely to make you calm as opposed to hyped up. If necessary, we will still give local anaesthetic, however having the happy gas will make this a lot more comfortable.

How much does nitrous oxide cost?
Happy gas is an affordable adjunct to dental treatment and is charged per hour. Your dentist will perform a full examination and give a quote for any treatment that is recommended.

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