Dr Eli Burger


Eli became one of the owners of Avenue Dental Caloundra in 2013, and has loved being part of such an exceptional group of professionals. Since leading the helm, Eli has dedicated himself to practicing dentistry and treating patients with the care and attention to detail he has always envisioned. The supportive team environment has allowed Eli to focus on his passion of Cosmetic Dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is so rewarding to Eli because a lasting new smile can make such an impact on a person’s self-esteem.  Eli’s is also passionate about technically difficult root canal procedures. His dedication to practicing pain free dentistry means that when a patient starts falling asleep during the procedure he knows he has done his job well.

Complex dental treatments are another of Eli’s passions. Because of his in depth knowledge & experience he has now had a pleasure of coaching many of the dentists at Avenue Dental. In addition to this he has helped design and deliver the Avenue Dental Mini Residency that allows him to help develop the next generation of dentists.

During university Eli completed a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Dentistry with first class honors at the University of Queensland. He worked in inner city Brisbane before moving up to the sunshine coast to start a family, and it’s the best decision he as ever made. When he is not at the office Eli loves exercise in the form of CrossFit. He grew up on the beach and tries to get into the water for a surf as many times a week as his wife will let him. Which has become more defiant since the arrival of his baby daughter.