Dr Luke Willis


Luke was born and raised in the central and northwestern regions of Victoria, having lived between Melbourne and the rural city of Bendigo.  Luke began his career in health after completing a bachelor of nursing degree – a career he chose to broaden his knowledge in the field of health, and to direct him towards further studies according to his area of interest.  During his time working in the area of cardiology and the medical emergency team in Melbourne, he fell in love with cardiac physiology and emergency medicine, and decided to pursue further studies to become a paramedic.  After completing his postgraduate diploma in paramedicine, he began his career as an advanced life support paramedic in Melbourne where he enjoyed a fulfilling career working clinically, and also in a training role as a clinical instructor.

Luke’s first introduction to Dentistry was though his father in law, a highly experienced dentist who loyally served his patients for over 30 years.   Being in the thrusts of contemplating a career in medicine, it was through observing his father in law’s practice, that the career of dentistry struck Luke as the perfect blend of high level patient centred care, and the opportunity to practice fine, precision, and even artistic treatment.

Over the course of the next half decade, that Luke was accepted to study and completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences & Masters in Dentistry from LaTrobe University, along side working part time as a paramedic and raising his young family with his wife Gina.

Luke enjoys all aspects of dentistry.  He believes in providing high quality, comprehensive and most importantly – patient centred care, built upon a relationship of trust and respect.   Luke’s responsibility to his patients is to help them make informed decisions regarding their care, and to work with them to achieve the best health outcomes.   He places a strong emphasis on prevention, and for this reason, he considers his relationships with his patients to be of vital importance; through which health can be strengthened and maintained throughout life.  Luke understands the type of anxiety and trepidation often felt by patients in relation to dental treatment, and given his background as a Paramedic, places a strong emphasis on easing peoples anxiety and delivering the type of gentle care he would afford his own family.

About Luke

On a personal level, Luke is a devoted father of two young boys, and happily married husband to his wife Gina who also works in the health field.  Luke enjoys riding, swimming, art & music.  He has played the bagpipes at competition level and has a rather eclectic taste of favourite musical genres.  Most of all, Luke loves spending time with his family.  Together, they enjoy exploring the local area, going to the beach, and sampling the local cuisine, which can be difficult however, as he says taking his youngest son to a restaurant can be like turning on a blender with the lid off!  Luke’s family also enjoy visiting their family, who are based in Victoria, Korea and Japan.

Luke and Avenue Dental

Luke was delighted to accept a position to participate in Avenue Dental’s Mini Residency Program in 2017, where he was given the opportunity to get to know the Avenue Dental Team.  Throughout the program, Luke came to know and greatly respect the Avenue Dental Family, their purpose, core values and unyielding dedication to providing excellence in patient centred dentistry.   Due to Luke’s strong desire to join a team where he was supported to practice comprehensive, high quality dentistry in a friendly and collegial environment, and he and his family were elated to accept the opportunity move to the Sunshine Coast to join the Avenue Dental Family in late 2017.