Eloise Bensch


Eloise studied at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and graduated in 2002.
She moved with her family soon after that to New Zealand and worked in different general dental practices. She even work in the first “whitening dental clinic” in Auckland for a few years. Eloise
service’s as the the President of the NZ dental hygiene association in 2008/2009 and was quite active.

When the frost bite of NZ got too bad Eloise and her husband decided to seek warmer weather and moved to Brisbane in 2010. Eloise started working for a periodontal specialist in that same year and has recently made the move to the Sunshine Coast to be amongst our beautiful sunny beaches!

Eloise has vast experience in periodontal and implant maintenance. One of her favourite things to do is help patients with their daily homecare routines, helping them with effective but simple instructions to follow.
Eloise has a passion for people and finds it really important to build trust with open communication and honest advice, in her own words, she is a straight shooter!
When she’s not working – she loves spending time with my family.
Eloise has two youngers or monkey’s like she normally calls them (Aaron (4) and Aria (2)).
Eloise loves reading with a good glass of wine and spending time outdoors. Most weekends you will find her doing creative activities and getting hands on, organising events and get together with her friends.