Benefits of taking an OPG X-Ray

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Why do we take them?

At Avenue Dental we think that it is super important to be thorough when seeing a patient for a new patient examination or for a specific problem they are having at the time.
Generally, a thorough examination would include taking an OPG x-ray, which we have the facilities to do so at all of our locations.

An OPG is a panoramic view x-ray of the lower face, which shows the upper and lower teeth on a single film. Taking an OPG x-ray can be beneficial for a bunch of different reasons. Some of those include detecting oral infections & abscesses, gum disease, oral fractures, dislocated jaws & other jaw issues, hidden decay & cavities, impacted teeth & wisdom teeth development, dental implant planning & MANY more.

OPG’s are quick, convenient, and super helpful for patients with limited jaw movement. Once standing in the machine and set up, it only takes around 20 seconds for the machine to move around your head to capture the x-ray. The x-ray is then instantaneously on the computer screen for the dentist to be able to diagnose accurately.