Making your child love the dentist

A child’s first visit to the dentist is an important milestone in their growing life. Just like any other achievement, it should be something that is encouraged, embraced and positive. A happy initial visit to the dentist will promote a lifetime of fearless appointments.

It is normal for some children to have a little apprehension about their first visit to the dentist. There are lot of unfamiliar sounds, sights and sensations. Our highly trained clinicians are used to these scenarios and are able to turn things into fun games to make children feel comfortable.

The most important thing to remember is that children are very receptive to our own emotions and fears. Be sure to keep any negative feelings or stories (if you have any) to yourself and let them enjoy their visit with the same enthusiasm as if they were going to the local playground.

It is good to communicate with your child about their upcoming visit to the dentist. Appointments run smoothly when children understand that we are ‘counting’ their teeth and it will be a fun experience. If your child may have a potential problem such as a broken tooth or a hole, it is sometimes best to allow the dentist or hygienist to explain it to them using their own words.  Avoid telling them that “it shouldn’t hurt” or that “there won’t be any needles”.

Generally, early morning appointments work well for children. Arrive early so they can adapt to the new environment and try to avoid bribery to coax them into going. It is better to recognise and reward good behaviour as a nice ‘surprise’ after an appointment has finished.

By creating a fun and positive relationship with the dentist, your child will hopefully be able to grow up never fearing the dentist.  This results in a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles!

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