Dental implants help anchor dentures or can do away with dentures completely

Replace dentures with dental implants Sunshine Coast

Avenue Dental Caloundra can now place dental implants to help anchor dentures or to do away with dentures completely

New research has shown that having dental implants to help stabilize dentures or to get rid of dentures completely with fixed dental implant bridges can lead to an improved quality of life.

Unfortunately dentures, especially lower dentures, are notoriously uncomfortable.  As people age, the bone left to support dentures shrinks away.  This means that over time dentures become less and less comfortable.  Dentures can start to rub, can become loose and unstable and can make chewing, laughing and speaking difficult.

Quality of life with Dental Implants

Much of the research to assess the improved quality of life with dental implants uses a construct, the Oral Health Related Quality of Life (OHRQoL) survey.  The OHRQoL measures oral and dental health, functional well-being, emotional and social health, and expectations and satisfaction with care.  OHRQoL is an integral part of general health and well being.

A growing body of literature suggests that having two dental implants placed to help stabilize lower dentures greatly improves the Oral Health Related Quality of Life and hence greatly improves overall health and well being.  Even greater improvements in Oral Health Related Quality of Life and overall health and well being are seen when people elect to have fixed dental implant bridges (and do away with dentures completely).  Unfortunately, the cost of dental implant supported dentures is higher than traditional dentures.  However, a number of studies are now suggesting that over the long term, dental implants represent a cost-effective treatment option.

Avenue Dental Caloundra offers dental implants to help stabilize dentures as well as fixed dental implant bridges so you can do away with dentures completely.  All of these services are offered within our state of the art facility in Caloundra.  If you would like more information, please contact Avenue Dental Caloundra for a free dental implant consultation on (07) 5491 1111.