Cosmetic Dentistry Sunshine Coast – White Fillings

At Avenue Dental we only place white (tooth coloured) fillings, regardless of whether it is your back teeth or front teeth that require treatment.  

Often only one visit is required to place a cosmetic white filling, however occasionally more planning is involved and the dentist may wish to take impressions to plan and perfect any cosmetic changes.  This may even include a trial smile appointment to ensure you are happy with the planned outcome prior to even starting any treatment.   

White Fillings for Staining or Dental Decay 

If you have noticed some darkening or staining in between your front teeth, this may be a sign of dental decay or an older leaking filling. A comprehensive examination with one of our dentists can detect these areas and provide you with a treatment plan to return your smile to health and improve the appearance of these decayed or leaking front teeth. Regular hygiene visits can prolong the life of your white fillings and keep them looking new and whiter for longer.  

White Fillings for Chips/fractures or Trauma 

Our team of dentists are capable of repairing broken, chipped or fractured teeth that often present as an emergency. Our dentists have a range of colours and shades they can use to create a natural aesthetic appearance that mimics and blends in with your natural teeth. Teeth are not one colour or shade of white/yellow and this often takes time with planning and may even require photography to perfect the correct colour match. If the filling required is very large, your dentist may suggest a crown, inlay or onlay or porcelain veneer as these are stronger. 

White Filling Veneers 

White filling veneers are made of a white resin or “plastic” material that is directly bonded onto the tooth. The resin can be bonded directly onto the teeth and can be made in very thin sections. Resin veneers can look great, especially directly after they have been completed, and they are generally less expensive than porcelain veneers. They are roughly 2.5 times weaker than enamel and the material is quite porous so it does have the tendency to darken, stain and break over time.  

In some situations porcelain veneers may be required for more structural reasons and also to avoid the staining/discolouration that occurs with time. Porcelain veneers are a better long term solution to cosmetic changes.  

There are no right or wrong decisions regarding the types of veneers you choose, only advantages and disadvantages. These advantages and disadvantages will vary depending on each individual case such as how much material is required, do you grind at night, even what type of foods and drinks you prefer as well as the health of your other teeth. 

If you are interested in dental veneers and what they can do to improve the appearance of your smile contact Avenue Dental for a free cosmetic consultation.

These restorations are bonded to the surrounding tooth material making them suitable for both front and back teeth. At Avenue Dental we only place tooth or white coloured fillings. If the filling required is very large, your dentist may suggest a crown, inlay or onlay as these are stronger.