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If you are interested in Dental Implants and what they can do to improve your quality of life, please contact one of our Sunshine Coast practices for a FREE Dental Implant consultation.

Here are some examples of Dental Implants that we have completed at our Sunshine Coast practices:
Smile Gallery – Dental Implants Sunshine Coast

Dental implants provide one of the most reliable and lifelike treatments for tooth replacement. They can be used to replace single or multiple teeth or to help anchor and stabilise dentures. Avenue Dental is extremely excited to be able to offer dental implants right here on the Sunshine Coast. When teeth are missing, dental implants can be surgically placed to replace the missing “root” part of the tooth (the part below the gumline). This is known as the surgical phase. After healing, a crown can be placed onto the implant to replace the visible part of the tooth (restorative phase).

Dr Stephen Dudgeon has completed extensive training on the surgical aspects of dental implants, while all other dentists are experienced in the restorative phase of dental implants. If you are unhappy with dentures, or suffer from unsightly empty spaces in your mouth, we can help you to achieve a balanced and attractive smile with this treatment.