I am excited to have commenced my career through Avenue Dental Maroochydore and am looking forward to a long and rewarding journey. I am passionate about upholding the highest possible standards of dentistry and contributing to our patients having a positive experience.
I am happy to say that the team at Avenue Dental Maroochydore are continuously showing efforts to ensure both staff and patients feel valued and supported. It is fantastic to see all the smiling faces and be part of such an amazing team. Each member of staff are all driven by passion for the industry and are enthusiastic about attending work each day, myself included. 
When I am not at the Dental Clinic you’ll find me exploring the world of creativity through the expression of colours and paint. I also love connecting with the energy of nature enjoying meditation and positive mindfulness.  Remember, no two people have the same set of teeth; your teeth are as unique as your fingerprint so show off that smile!