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Avenue Dental is the best dental practice to work for in Australia. 

In 2017, 2018 + 2019, Avenue Dental has been awarded #1 Best Place to work in Australian by the Great Place To Work Institute (under 100 employees).  We are the only dental practice in Australia to be shortlisted, making us the best dental practice to work for in Australia.

Story of Dr Johan Weemaes 

Dr Johan Weemaes is the best example we can give to demonstrate how Avenue Dental helps people discover and develop their talents, challenge themselves professionally, enhance their personal growth and grow their careers.   

Johan stood out as a talented and lovely individual with high integrity from the first moment we met him.  In 2014 Avenue Dental founded the Australian Dental Graduate of the Year Award and Johan was the very first applicant.  Johan ended up winning the award that year and one year later started working for Avenue Dental.  At a time when most graduate dentists are struggling doing basic procedures, Johan dedicated himself to our clinical training program earning mastery of skills many dentists 10 years his senior still struggle with.   After only one year with us Johan had not only mastered all of the basic skills of dentistry such as fillings, crowns, root canals, and extractions but also many of the advanced procedures that most dentists do not ever even attempt let alone master.  Some of these included: cosmetics and porcelain veneers; full mouth rehabilitations and occlusion; and the surgical placement of dental implants.

We believe there were 4 keys to Johan’s success and development.
1. When Johan first started working with Avenue Dental we helped him to identify his strengths through the
strengthsfinder test as well as clarifying his core values of Discipline, Passion, and Personal Growth.  We believe that provided the foundation for Johan to reach his potential.
2. The Avenue Dental clinical training plan allowed Johan to gain access to the cumulative experience of some of the best dentists and dental educators so that he could reach his potential faster
3. The time and effort we invested in Johan through his
Individual Coaching Plan (ICP) and weekly coaching held him accountable to reaching his goals and sped up his learning
4. Working with a talented individual like Johan with so much potential made it possible to speed up his rate of learning

But for someone like Johan with so much potential, gaining clinical mastery and being the best dentist he could be would never be enough.  He was always going to want more.  For that reason we then started mentoring Johan in the management training program and created the position of managing partner (MP) dentist so that Johan could have ownership in his very own dental practice.  We are currently in the process of Johan buying a share in Avenue Dental Maroochydore.  To further give talented people like Johan something extra to strive for we have also created Avenue Dental Partnerships.  This means that if Johan trains up any future Managing Partner dentists at his practice then Johan also gets a share of ownership in the future practice.  This encourages people like Johan to pass on their knowledge to others and to continue to invest in training and developing the next generation of practice owners. 

Testimonial Dr Johan Weemaes  

“For me avenue dental is family. There is no other workplace like it. I wake up every morning excited to come to work because I know I am amongst a group of like-minded people that genuinely care about each other, their performance and their standards. I know that everyone at work actively cares about how I am doing which is important because dentistry can be an isolating profession with large responsibilities. The support I have received since joining the group has been incredible and I will always be grateful for the opportunities I have been given. The group has helped me grow to my full potential in my job and has created a work environment that is dynamic and challenging yet fun and enjoyable. I have met some of my closest friends through Avenue Dental and will always value the relationships I have formed. My only regret is I didn’t join such a wonderful group of people earlier in my career.”

Why Should I Apply? 

 For the correct person, working as a dentist at Avenue Dental will result in an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career.  It will provide the ability to become the best dentist you can be, as well as the opportunity to own a share in your own dental practice if that interests you (but this is certainly not mandatory).  Dentists at Avenue Dental are exposed to the best mentoring and development available through our individual coaching plans and weekly coaching conversations.  Plus there is the added advantage of working at the best dental practice to work for in Australia.

Who Should Apply?  

 At Avenue Dental we offer so much time, support, guidance and mentorship to our dentists as well as providing an award winning workplace culture. However, there is a catch.  We expect the best from you.  We put so much time and emotional energy into our dentists so we expect a very high standard and an ongoing commitment to continuing education outside of your normal clinical hours.  If you want a job where you can just clock in and clock out – we are not for you.  If you are open to growth and feedback and want to realize your true potential and to be the best dentist and person you can be then you should definitely apply.

How Do I Apply?  

To apply for a dentist position at Avenue Dental, applicants must complete the 3 tasks outlined below: 

 1. Attach a resume and photo (maximum one page long at size 12 font)
2. Complete and email us the free DISC and VALUES analysis on the webpage (this should take about 10 minutes)
3.  Answer the following questions (maximum two pages long at size 12 font)

1. What are you great at or passionate about professionally? Give examples
2. What are you not great at or not interested in professionally? Give examples
3. What are your short term (less than 3 years) goals in dentistry?
4. What are your long term (greater than 5 years) goals in dentistry?
5. Tell us about a time you have taken responsibility for your own performance.
6. Tell us about a time you were proactive in learning something new to improve your performance
7. Tell us about a time you changed a system or procedure to improve outcomes or efficiency
8. Tell us about a time you delivered outstanding customer service.



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